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About Overseas Visa Helpline

Overseas Visa Helpline Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a specialist-consulting firm offering expert worldwide Education and Immigration options advice.



Our Mission:

To find out what our students need and satisfy that need in the shortest period of time in a best possible way. Be it Study abroad we are the best to help you achieve your goals.
To be the best at what we do by delivering our services with speed, excellence, respect, integrity, flexibility, value and satisfaction. Our Goal: Is to deliver the best on time in a most economical way.

Our Philosophy:

"Don’t put till tomorrow what you can do today". At Overseas Visa Helpline Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. we really have only one asset: - Quality applicants with 100% commitment. Our partner’s Universities and college have appreciated the quality of student sent through our company. We ensure that our students get the best, most deserving qualification keeping in mind that college will be delighted to have that student as well. By paying attention to the needs of both our prospective students and the Universities/College’s needs, we have great expectations to build on the success of our company growth and expansion.

Our Approach:

We do market studies, market research and do promotion at different schools and colleges with people visiting us from different Institutes from all over the world. We also have a very well equipped In House PTE center with professional teacher to provide expertise teaching in PTE. i.e we undertake PTE coaching as one of our many services provided less than one roof. We help our students to achieve acceptable English Language Proficiency Standards, and not only that; we are experts in developing students personality and will take him/her through our rigorous coaching schedule.
This will help our prospective clients to easily adapt a new culture in a foreign land pretty faster. We specialize in presenting students case to High Commission and in beefing for the visa interview with very high success rate. We specialize in providing professional services on Studying Abroad. We believe in 100% quality in our all deliverables. ‘We believe in Success for you’.

Our Managment:

Mr. Jasbir Thind, Managing Director of Overseas Visa Helplines Pvt. Ltd, is beacon light behind it. With an ample practical experience of studying and teaching in India and abroad. Mr. Thind is poised to reach out to the last of aspirants across the world and give wings to their cherished dreams. He stoutly believes in the age-old axiom "those who set goals for themselves in lives and work painstakingly to attain them, come out victorious at the end of the Day".

A law graduate with an illustrious career, Mr. Thind is now a successful practicing immigration lawyer of the region enjoying an edge over his competitive rivals, by touching lives of the teeming millions to make their dreams-come-true through his unique initiative. Being into the profession for a little over 15 years now, Mr. Jasbir has mentored many up and coming career enthusiasts, some of them are now leaders of reputed national and international companies.

The success stories that he scripted with his sweat, in the run up to reach the pinnacle of glory, are the prominent takeaways for his professional peers. But back-to-back success narratives have not entered his head. His abiding faith in humility, impeccable probity and propriety, are the hallmarks of his success. He strongly holds out that probity, pragmatism and perseverance pay in the long run and one reaps the bumper harvest of success!

From The M.D’s desk:

We have highly qualified and experienced Education Counselors. Our Counselors and staff are MBAs, MTECH and done specialized studies in Marketing, finance, HR, Information Technology our services come out of this committed, educated and experienced team only. This, coupled with our years of proven and rich experience in the field of Education Overseas and our personal visits to the college of our representation makes us one the leading and one of its own kinds in the global market, it makes an ideal choice for our students to always avail our services and rely on us seamlessly for all their needs for rest of their lives because of our personal experience we don’t let our students down.


Our Success Stories

Dilshad Singh, Master of Information Technology, University of Ballarat (Federation), Australia

It is my sheer honor to attached with the Visa Helpline. It was a great help and support from them and I thankful to them for all their support. I would recommend this consultancy for all my friends who are aspiring to continue with their studies in abroad.

Taranjit Singh, Graduate Integrated Diploma, Nova Institute of Management, UK

It was an amazing experience to start with the search of proper college and getting the right course relevant to my previous study. I think I would not realize my dreamed place unless I contact them for assistance.

Arjinder Singh,Bachelor of information Technology, Federation University, Australia

Thanks to Visa helpline for being so helpful and dedicated during my search of best institute in New Zealand. Their friendly approach and quick response has given a full support throughout the visa process. I will always remain grateful to them…… I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Visa helpline.